People who need addiction treatment come from all backgrounds. Often they may have lost the trust of their friends, family, and others who care about them. Additionally, once they finish treatment, they don’t have the funds to continue on to sober living facilities. Often, when they leave the treatment center, they have nowhere to go except back into the arms of those with whom they used substances in the past. As a result, they may quickly relapse. You can prevent this from happening to someone you love or someone you haven’t met yet. With Living Amends donations, you can help someone attend a sober living facility that we work with closely. We offer a scholarship program to individuals trying to stay sober. These scholarships are funded almost entirely by donations from people just like you. However, the scholarships also come from people who are also in recovery and attending a sober living facility.

To learn about how your donation can impact someone’s life, please contact us today. You can also use the form below to donate to Living Amends.

Your Donation is Important

The Importance of Your Addiction Recovery Donations

A sober living community is a living environment that is free from drugs and alcohol. These communities are designed to help those transitioning from an addiction treatment program to the real world. The specific tenets of a sober living community will differ from location to location. Most of the sober living facilities we work with are private facilities that were created to be a treatment center and living space for those who are focused on recovering from addiction. We work with a range of sober living communities in the Austin area, including:


  • Grace Recovery ATX
  • Heartwood Recovery
  • Active Recovery Homes
  • Hensley House Sober Living Home
  • Ascension House
  • Tribe
  • Higher Plains Sober Living
  • Waterloo
  • Brightside
  • A Way Out
  • Chuck and Joe’s
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Spain Sober Living
  • Clear Horizons
  • Eudaimonia Sober Living
  • Tranquility Sober Living
  • A Friend’s House (Lake Travis)
  • Sunlight Sober Living
  • Elevated Sober Living
  • Dutton House
  • Austin Sober Living
  • Absolute Recovery, LLC
  • North Austin Sober Living
  • Alpha 180
  • Arbor Sober Living
  • Infinite Recovery Sober Living
  • BRC Sober Living
  • Chuck’s House
  • Heartwood
  • Harmony Haus
  • Recovery Centered Living ( no MAT)
  • Stepping Stones Sober Living

Houston, Texas

  • Bodine Recovery – Sober Living Houston
  • Heathstone

Dickinson, Texas

  • Primary Purpose
  • T& T Sober Living

Kerrville, Texas

  • Divine Promises
  • Mir House
  • Crossroads

Dallas, Texas

  • Simple Grace
  • Cardinal House

You can rest assured that no one will misuse your donation. The donation doesn’t go straight to the scholarship recipient. Instead, if we award the scholarship to an individual, we pay a portion of the cost of the admission fee directly to the sober living facility. Additionally, the individual must pay the cost back as they continue through the sober living facility. Doing so ensures that the person you help will also benefit other people.

We do not work with any Oxford houses.

Ways to Give

Since 2015, Living Amends has sponsored more than 100 women and men in direct grants to sober living or supportive services over $300,000. Living Amends is a registered 501 (3) non-profit, which means your donation is tax-deductible. We will provide a valid receipt for gifts over $250.00. Living Amends gives scholarships directly to sober livings vetted by the board.

Click on the following links to learn more about how your donations support our scholarship recipients:

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It doesn’t matter how you choose to donate to Living Amends; your donation will go to support those less fortunate than yourself. If you have any questions about how we can use your donation to support those recovering from addiction, we welcome you to contact Living Amends today  online.

Donate to Living Amends Today

Please help us by giving to those who are fighting a disease of addiction and are serious about their recovery. Remember, when it comes to addiction: they didn’t cause it, they can’t cure it, and they don’t control it. Donate today using the form below to change the life of someone recovering from addiction.