Even if you successfully finish an addiction treatment program, many individuals find themselves relapsing because they don’t have the skills necessary to maintain a sober lifestyle. A sober living program can help you gain these skills, but you may be afraid that you can’t afford this program. Fortunately, when you apply for the scholarship from Living Amends, you have assistance in paying for the support you need. We’ll help you fund your first three months living in one of our sober living partners. To apply for one of our scholarships, complete the form below. If you have any questions, we invite you to complete our contact form.

Application Process

Living Amends Scholarships are limited and highly competitive so please fill out application completely before hitting SUBMIT!

Unfortunately, we are unable to honor all applications with a scholarship.

We only give to individuals who are serious about their sobriety and have personally already invested in their long-term recovery by attending a residential treatment facility. Also, each recipient must agree to donate back 25% of the total awarded amount within a year’s time. Our contract has to be signed and returned before the first month funds are given to the sober living facilities.

  1. Fill out application below, if you are applying for the first time then you submit for a 1st month’s application
  2. You must have gone to a residential treatment and are going to a vetted sober living to be eligible for a scholarship
  3. You have to agree to re-pay 25% of awarded amount within a year so we can continue to help the next suffering alcoholic
  4. These scholarships are competitive and limited and are privately funded.
  5.  Each application is reviewed monthly at the end of the month
  6. We check references at treatment centers and sober livings
  7. You must go to weekly meetings and actively be working the steps with a sponsor
  8. Submit weekly progress reports

Apply Below – PRESS SUBMIT when you are done

  • Please respond to the following questions in detail. All fields required.

What Will the Scholarship Pay?

At no point while working with Living Amends will we pay for the entirety of your stay at a sober living facility. Scholarships will pay:

  • 75% of first sober living month’s rent
  • 50% of second sober living month’s rent
  • 25% of third sober living month’s rent

We believe that when you are paying for at least a portion of your stay at a facility, you’re more invested in the recovery process. However, we want to ensure that you’re getting the support you need throughout the treatment process, so we’ll continue to work with you throughout your stay.

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Who Is an Ideal Applicant for the Living Amends Scholarship Program?

Not everyone is a suitable applicant for our scholarship. We are looking for someone:

  • Who has completed a residential stay in treatment and moving onto sober living
  • Who is serious about working a solid 12 step program
  • Who has a sponsor
  • Who is committed to attending 12 step meetings
  • Who has a job or is actively looking for employment

If you fulfill each of these requirements, you should apply to our scholarship fund.

What Sober Living Facilities Do We Work With?

Living Amends works in partnership with several sober livings in Austin and across Texas. These facilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Grace Recovery ATX
  • Heartwood Recovery
  • Active Recovery Homes
  • Hensley House Sober Living Home
  • Ascension House
  • Tribe
  • Higher Plains Sober Living
  • Waterloo
  • Brightside
  • A Way Out
  • Chuck and Joe’s
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Spain Sober Living
  • Clear Horizons
  • Eudaimonia Sober Living
  • Tranquility Sober Living
  • A Friend’s House (Lake Travis)
  • Sunlight Sober Living
  • Elevated Sober Living
  • Dutton House
  • Austin Sober Living
  • Absolute Recovery, LLC
  • North Austin Sober Living
  • Alpha 180
  • Arbor Sober Living
  • Infinite Recovery Sober Living
  • BRC Sober Living
  • Chuck’s House
  • Heartwood
  • Harmony Haus
  • Recovery Centered Living ( no MAT)
  • Stepping Stones Sober Living

Houston, Texas

  • Bodine Recovery – Sober Living Houston
  • Heathstone

Dickinson, Texas

  • Primary Purpose
  • T& T Sober Living

Kerrville, Texas

  • Divine Promises
  • Mir House
  • Crossroads

Dallas, Texas

  • Simple Grace
  • Cardinal House

If you are unsure whether we will work with your sober living community, please contact Living Amends today.

We do not work with any Oxford houses.

What Are the Conditions Surrounding Application?

You will be obligated to pay back 25% of your total awarded scholarship within a 12 month period of time.

When applying for the scholarship for the second and third months, the applicant must fill out the form below and complete the 2nd and 3rd-month essay to Living Amends.

  • Second Month Application Essay
  • Third Month Application Essay
  • Weekly Progress Report

These grants are competitive, and a limited number will be awarded each month. Please answer each question thoroughly and honestly. We are looking for individuals committed to their recovery. Remember, this is a hand-up, not a handout.

Learn More About Living Amends

Are you ready to change your life for the better? If so, contact Living Amends online today or apply for our scholarship by filling out the form below.